Make a complaint about a mediator

Resolution is a founding member of the Family Mediation Council (FMC), the organisation that sets the standards for family mediators. You can make a complaint to us if a Resolution mediator has worked outside the Family Mediation Council (FMC) Code of Practice.

Before you make a complaint to Resolution

Read more about the FMC Code of Practice and check your Agreement to Mediate, it will tell you whether you should complain to Resolution or another organisation. Then contact your mediator to raise your concern so they can respond directly. If that doesn’t resolve it, make a formal complaint to their firm or practice and give them time to respond (up to eight weeks).

Step 1

Send us your complaint

Get in touch with us. You can either complete our complaints form, or, if you would like to talk through your issue, you can give us a call on 020 3841 0300.

Step 2

The file your mediator keeps about your mediation is confidential. Your mediator will need to contact the other person involved in the mediation to ask their permission for us to see anything from the file.

Step 3

Most concerns can be dealt with informally. We will assess your complaint and speak with you to find out anything else we need to know. We will listen to your concerns and explore how we can resolve them. If it can’t be resolved informally, we’ll discuss taking the complaint further.

Step 4

We will contact the mediator to discuss your complaint, how they can respond and your view on the possible outcome. We will ask for an explanation about their actions and the reasons for them so this can be provided to you.

We may need to provide them with the complaint form so they can provide a response, but we will discuss this with you first.

Step 5

Once we have received a response from your mediator we will contact you to discuss it. If you are happy with the response, the process will end here. If you are not happy you can ask for the matter to be referred to our Practice Standards Panel, who will assess the complaint.

Step 6

If the Practice Standards Panel decide your complaint is justified, they will suggest a plan of action. The decision of the Practice Standards Panel can be appealed if the grounds for appeal are met. It may then be possible to appeal to the FMC once our complaints procedure has been completed.

Send us your complaint