Excellence in Communication Skills

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Trainer: Nicola Wallace

It is hard to overstate how our approach to communication and our use of words can dramatically improve the successful flow of our working lives. This lively interactive course will help family practitioners take a practical approach to communication using examples from a pressured family law practice.

Online, 10th October 2022 (9.30 – 5p.m.)

Life is all about relationships. Professional life is about professional relationships.  The danger when acting in our professional role is that we focus solely on the factual matrix of each case, relevant statute, precedent, procedure and the structuring of arguments. In busy lives, we forget that our words have power.

Relationships can be enhanced or diminished simply by our word choice. How we speak and how we read the verbal and non-verbal cues of others is vital.  This is particularly so when our clients are navigating their own choppy waters and when interacting with other professionals it is clear that they too have their own competing pressures.

Practical in approach and taking examples from a pressured family law practice, this lively interactive course will explore:

  • A clearer understanding of how disputes escalate
  • Improved communication with clients
  • More effective listening
  • Learning to read non-verbal cues
  • Interpreting clues from clients’ patterns of speaking to understand their needs
  • Understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult clients
  • Processes for managing difficult conversations with clients and colleagues
  • Recognising our own patterns of avoidance when cases become challenging
  • Improving professional relationships
  • Reducing stress

Whether in mediation, client meetings, before a judge, with lawyers and even in our non-professional world, the skills developed in this course can be easily adopted to influence the success of our relationships at every level.

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