Hybrid Family Mediation: Refresher On Using An Advanced Hybrid Practice Model

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Trainer: Suzanne Kingston
Trainer: Karin Walker

This course is a refresher for those hybrid mediators who have already completed the training course in the advanced hybrid model of family mediation.

14th September 2021

This live and interactive refresher course will be run online.

The course is designed for those trained hybrid mediators who have not been as actively involved in the process since qualification as they might have hoped.

It will help trained hybrid mediators to ‘brush up’ on their skills and also consider various marketing techniques.

The course will run over half a day and reinforce the training originally provided.

  • RHM03 | 14-SEP-21 | Member Price £240


  • RHM03 | 14-SEP-21 | Non-Member Price £312