How could things look if me and my ex-partner get this right?

When co-parenting works well, it means your child is held in a safe parental bubble and can grow up with a good attitude towards relationships. A good co-parenting relationship can really enhance a child’s life.

When co-parents do well, their child can move between houses and families with the minimal amount of disruption. This means they have to adapt less each time they move, and they are assured that things happen in a similar way at both houses.

A co-parenting relationship is working well when

Your child transitions relatively easily from one house to the next.

Your child is able to talk freely about their other parent in front of you without feeling judged.

Your child is able to call you when they want even if they are with their other parent.

Your child is able to move their things between houses, because they are confident that they are their things and they have ownership of them.

Your child knows what is happening on important days and times of the year like Christmas and is not made to choose between parents.

You can both go to parents evenings and school shows and other significant events together and easily.

A blended family is working well when

All parents can communicate with each other about the original child.

Other siblings are respectfully talked about in both houses

You are able to meet occasionally as one big blended family unit, so the original child is able to have all their important people around them at the same time.

You can recognise that a new step-parent can bring to your child things skills and information that you don’t have, and you can see that as a positive thing