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Longhurst Ltd

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United Kingdom

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My name is Chris Broome and I own a wonderful fixed-fee financial planning practice called Longhurst.

We’re award-winning and as you’ll see we’re also a little bit different from your traditional financial adviser or planner. Check out our website to see why!

I have over 20 years’ successful experience advising and coaching clients going through a divorce or separation.

This includes supporting my now-late mother with her divorce, something she decided to do (like the hero she was) when faced with the reality of terminal cancer – a profound conversation for another time should you and I ever speak.


How do we help you?

Working together, we will collaborate on a deeply personal life narrative that excites and inspires you. One that turns a vague future into a vivid one.

We do this through a special service called ClearPath®.

ClearPath® provides you with a structured life-long approach to your financial planning, giving you control and confidence over the important decisions you need to make both during and after your divorce.

We will work with you directly at your pace, and we can collaborate with your other advisers, such as family lawyers, mediators, family therapists, and actuaries.

We will talk through all areas of your financial life including your income and capital needs now and in the future, your lifestyle ambitions, your family and legacy ideals, and your later life expectations.

We will help you understand how your pensions might be affected by your divorce.

We can help you collate and understand the financial data you must disclose with your ex partner, sense-check proposals, and give you a framework for making informed decisions about your financial settlement.

We will help you implement your new financial arrangements in a safe and timely manner. We will help you move forward confidently.


Next steps

Let’s be honest; employing a new professional adviser can be fairly daunting, and that includes hiring a new financial planner or wealth manager.

For this reason we are big fans of hosting what we call an initial Exploration Meeting, always held at our expense.

This meeting will typically involve no paperwork whatsoever, and will instead see us spend our time talking about you and your current situation.

By the end of your Exploration Meeting you’ll understand a little more about us, and we about you. You’ll understand how we work, our processes, the likely fees, and why households choose to engage in our services.

No selling, no products, no commitment. Then, if we’re both in agreement, we can move ahead with a trusted professional relationship.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk.

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