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Atkinson Lewis

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Hair & Blood Analysis for Parental Drug / Alcohol Testing – backed by medical interpretation of biochemical data

When a child’s future is at stake, it should be a given that no stone will be unturned – that every effort will be made to establish the truth, and present it to the courts in a concise but comprehensive report.

However, in the current legal climate, Drug and Alcohol Testing has become a more simplistic affair: a “paint by numbers” exercise, where analysis begins and ends in the lab.

For all the expertise of biochemists, we believe the final analysis calls for medical interpretation: to determine the possible and probable causes of misuse, by psychiatric – not statistical – means.

For this reason, an increasing number of legal professionals and local authorities are turning to Atkinson Lewis for end-to-end support in their childcare caseload.

Chiefly, they come to us for that extra level of scrutiny – knowing we’ll consider the nuances of lab results, and avoid the easy answers.

But that’s just one side of it. At every turn, we aim to deliver a faster, more comprehensive…and altogether more human…service.

As you’ll discover:

  • Our in-house sample collectors are trained to treat every client with respect and empathy – in an industry with a reputation for indelicate handling.


  • Our samples are electronically tagged at source, then verified at the point of analysis – creating a documented, indisputable chain of custody.


  • Our lab analysis is carried out by local trusted partners – experts who have served us for decades – at a time when samples are too often shipped overseas, and assessed by the cheapest provider.


  • Our medical interpretations are entrusted to a veteran psychiatrist, who will guide the court with a balanced account, based on over 40 years’ clinical experience.


  • And our process is optimised for speed, without compromising accuracy. When detailed results are needed urgently to meet a looming court date, we can deliver the finished MIFA within 3-5 days.

That’s who we are. A fast, thorough and friendly team, dedicated to making your life easier – and to helping the courts make sound judgements in the interests of every child.

Contact us on 01792 578623 or email to discuss your current caseload. We have sample collectors at strategic points across the UK, waiting for your instruction.  

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