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Help shape our work - some of our committees are recruiting.

Why apply?

Resolution’s success is the result of work and time provided by members for members. Your contribution is vital to the work of Resolution and has a direct impact on the professional lives of your colleagues, peers and the families you work with.

Becoming a member of Resolution committee is a rewarding way to share your knowledge, expertise and talent with Resolution’s members.

Who can apply?

We encourage applications from members and associates from all backgrounds and would particularly like to improve the diversity of our committees.

Which committees are recruiting?

Collaborative Working Party

The Collaborative Working Party is a group of collaborative practitioners working to raise awareness of collaborative practice, improve standards and to ensure collaborative practice meets the needs of clients now and in the future. They would particularly like a finance professional to join the committee.

Innovation Group

The Innovation Group considers innovative projects in the field of family justice, takes the lead on new approaches and identifies new ways of working in the sector. The group is made of of members and associates who bring together enthusiasm for exploring new approaches, and skills in adapting their practices to these innovations. They would like to recruit members from across the full range of professionals involved in family justice and from across the country.

National YRes Committee

YRes is Resolution’s network of family justiceprofessionals at the start of their careers. The National YRes Committee makes sure YRes remains at the heart of all Resolution work and junior practitioners are integrated with Resolution at all levels, both regionally and nationally. They would like to recruit members from across all personal and professional professional backgrounds and are keen to recieve applications from members and associates with fewer than five years’ experience.

Parenting After Parting Committee

The Parenting After Parting Committee develops the Resolution approach for practitioners working with parents so that – ultimately – parents will receive the same standard of care and support from any Resolution practitioner. This committed and passionate group of members and associates are looking for new members to help them in their work to develop the skills of members and raise the profile of the Resolution approach. They are particularly keen to hear from Resolution members and associates who aren’t from a legal background.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee works to put the Code of Practice at the heart of everything we do and to make it easier for our members to put the Code at their heart of their work. They promote high standards of practice and provide education and information to members. The committee would like to recruit members from a broad range of backgrounds; in addition, they would like to specifically recruit a junior barrister.

What’s involved?

Committees meet between four and six times a year. At the moment all committees are meeting online, opportunities to meet face to face in the future will be discussed and agreed by each committee. Making an active contribution is important, preparation before meetings is usually required, as is some work to complete tasks between meetings.

How to apply

Fill in the form below to make your application. Applications close on 5th March.