Our committees are recruiting

Everything Resolution does is by members for members. One of the ways you can get involved and influence our work is by joining a committee.

This spring, seven committees are recruiting and two new committees are looking for founding members. Applications close on 13th May.

You can find out more about who can join our committees, what’s involved and apply here.

We would like to improve the diversity of all our committees and would particularly welcome applications from members of diverse racial backgrounds, members with disabilities, and YRes members.

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Who’s recruiting

*NEW* Wellbeing Committee

Newly established, the Wellbeing Committee aims to put wellbeing at the heart of Resolution’s work for it’s members. The committee will work to provide wellbeing education and resources for members and ensure wellbeing is high up the agenda across family law and practice. We welcome applications from members of all backgrounds and across all career stages.

*NEW* Alumni Working Party

Following feedback from members we’re setting up an Alumni Working Party for members who are planning to retire, leave the profession or are just beginning to consider winding down their professional lives. The working party will develop Resolution’s Alumni programme, ensuring members are supported into retirement and can remain involved in the organisation in the way they most want to.

Children Committee

The Children Committee works to protect children in the family justice system and help members put children at the centre of family justice. The committee covers all areas of public and private children law and practice and would like to recruit members with a specialism in public children law or modern families. They would also welcome applications from YRes members, mediators and therapeutic professionals.

Cohabitation Committee

In addition to promoting best practice, and providing education and support to members, the Cohabitation Committee aims to reform the law in relation to unmarried couples, raising awareness of the current law and the need for reform. They would particularly like to recruit barristers, YRes members, and members with experitise in religious marriage, and Civil Procedure Rules and drafting.

Domestic Abuse Committee

The Domestic Abuse Committee works to develop and promote the awareness of issues around all aspects of domestic abuse, identifies best practice, and delivers training and education for Resolution members. They’re keen to recruit domestic abuse practitioners, whatever their level of expertise.

International Committee

The purpose of the International Committee is to encourage, improve and promote good practice in the field of international family law. In addition to looking for international specialists to join the committee, we would welcome applications from across the country, ensuring a good geographical spread of membership.

Legal Aid Committee

The Legal Aid Committee supports Resolution members to undertake legal aid work, works to safeguard the future of family legal aid, and aims to ensure access to justice for vulnerable people. The committee would particularly welcome applications from YRes members and other practitioners who have developed specialist knowledge through practice.

Pensions, Tax & Financial Remedies Committee (PTFR)

The PTFR Committee promotes law reform, shapes and influences the rules, policy and legislation related to tax, pensions and financial remedies, and educates and informs the membership. The committee would particularly welcome applications from legal practitioners who have an interest and enthusiasm for these areas and who wish to develope their specialist knowledge.  They are keen to improve their geographical spread and would encourage applications from outside London, and would consider applications from more junior practitioners, as well as those with more experience.

Working Together Group

Initially formed as a sub-committee of the Membership Committee, the Working Together Group aims to improve the benefits Resolution provides to all our members, whatever their professional background. They would like to recruit members from across all professions, at all levels of experience, including solicitors, direct access barristers, mediators, therapists, coaches and financial professionals.

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