Our committees are recruiting

Everything Resolution does is by members for members. One of the ways you can get involved and influence our work is by joining a committee.

You can find out more about who can join our committees, what’s involved and apply here.

We are not currently recruiting new committee members but for your interest, you can read below about the three committees which most recently recruited for new members.  Our next committee recruitment round will be in autumn 2023. 

Children Committee

The Children Committee works to protect children in the family justice system and help members put children at the centre of family justice. The committee covers all areas of public and private children law and practice and as such the work is varied.  They are already well represented in respect of private children law and would like to recruit members with a specialism in public children law to ensure that they are able to fully address all the needs of our members in both areas.

Innovation Group

The Innovation Group is focused on considering innovative approaches to providing products and services in family law, with a particular focus on sustainability and technology. The committee works on how to deliver practical innovation to support firms and individuals and is looking for members enthusiastic about identifying new ways of working in the sector and sharing those with the Resolution membership.   The committee meets four times a year and in between, members are encouraged to be part of one of the committee’s active projects which focus on exploring a particular area of innovation. The committee would like to recruit members from across the full range professionals involved in family justice who are looking to take a proactive role in leading change.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is seeking three or four new Committee members.  Budding authors should certainly apply but we are also looking for applicants who will help us develop our print and digital resources, identify gaps and help shape and grow our publications so Resolution continues to deliver high quality, authoritative and accessible content that meets the needs of all members.