Children Committee

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The Children Committee works to protect children in the family justice system and help members put children at the centre of family justice.

They aim to:

  • Promote a child-friendly way of working
  • Encourage, improve and promote good practice in the field of children law.
  • Influence government policy, law, and family justice changes that affect children and practitioners who work with them and their parents.
  • Improve practice and procedure.
  • Keep up-to-date with, inform the Resolution membership of, and respond to relevant changes, developments, and issues in the field of children law.
  • Raise the profile of children specialists and children’s issues

Generally, the focus of the committee’s work is on:

  • Campaigning and lobbying for change by proposing campaign issues and supporting organisational campaigns
  • Coordinating Resolution’s policy in regards children law and practise
  • Responding to consultations and assisting with research
  • Proposing, delivering, and supporting the delivery of training, including at National Conference
  • The provision of guidance materials and resources for members
  • The provision of precedents/supporting materials for precedents.