Resolution 121 mentoring programme 

Welcome to Resolution 121, our mentoring programme by members, for members.

What is Resolution 121?

Resolution 121 recognises that our members occasionally want to discuss something with someone slightly removed from their everyday professional network. Our trained mentors can offer a listening ear, ask questions and share insights from their own experience in order to support a member who is considering a topic such as returning to work after absence, developing new skills, managing a very busy caseload or coping with stress. All mentors are Resolution members who have been trained to provide this service free of charge as a member benefit to any Resolution member.

What does mentoring look like at Resolution?

Resolution 121 offers a trained mentor who can provide confidential assistance, support and guidance to any Resolution member.  This takes the form of a short-term, one to one partnership conducted by phone or video to talk through an issue chosen by the member.

Why mentoring?

We recognise that a career in family practice can be extremely enjoyable and fulfilling, as well as busy, challenging and uncertain, particularly in the light of the covid pandemic and changes afoot in the sector.   We know that our members are occasionally faced with an issue which could benefit from being discussed with someone outside of their immediate professional set-up.  And we know that Resolution mentors are invaluable in this task as they represent our broadchurch membership from across a wide spectrum of settings and professions, providing a huge wealth of experience and insight.

How can I be connected with a Resolution mentor to discuss an issue?

There’s a short online form to complete (you need to be logged in to do so as it’s only open to Resolution members), to request a mentor and describe brief details of what you’d like to discuss. We will acknowledge receipt of the form, check that the matter you’d like to discuss falls within the remit of Resolution 121 and contact one of our mentors to confirm their availability.  We will then introduce you to each other by email, leaving it to you to agree when you will first speak and the scheduling of future appointments. We estimate that it will take us up to two weeks to connect you with a mentor, depending on mentor availability.

How often can I speak to my Resolution mentor?

You and your mentor will agree the arrangement that suits you best but in general, the programme is designed to provide a finite amount of support – up to five hours – in order to discuss a specific issue/issues.  The programme is not intended to provide you with a career-long mentor but rather someone who can provide short-term support during a particular time.  We would expect for you to agree together in advance the time at which you will speak rather than for your mentor to be available to answer your call at any time.

What can I expect from my Resolution mentor?

Essentially, Resolution mentors are members who want to support other members.  We train our volunteer mentors to provide a listening ear, be a sounding board and ask questions to help the member think an issue through.   They do not give advice about a case or assume the role of a supervisor or counsellor.  Mentors can signpost members to other specialist services if appropriate.

You can read about the detail of Resolution 121, particularly with regard to what our mentors can provide as well as an explanation of how confidentiality works.

I’m interested in being a Resolution mentor – can I find out more?

We currently have a full pool of mentors but will open applications for a new cohort in 2023 – we offer a one day online training course for new mentors and ongoing access to a wide range of resources and support.  You can read about the role and personal specification of a Resolution mentor here.