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A trusted professional can play a big part in helping to sort out issues involving the breakdown of your marriage, care of your children, your home and your finances.

Resolution members are committed to our Code of Practice, promoting a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family.

Resolution can help

Resolution can help

Resolution is the largest membership organisation for family justice professionals in England and Wales. Resolution members sign up to our Code of Practice, promoting a non-confrontational approach, which results in better outcomes for families and children.

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What are your options?

Divorcing in a court is not the only option - there are a number of other ways that you and your ex can resolve your issues such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative practice.

Alternatives to court

Supporting your children

Deciding how and when to tell your children about the split is worrying. Find tips on talking and listening to your children as well as how others can support you during this time.

Supporting your children

Information and support

We know that family breakdown is an emotional and stressful time. Our information and support provides a range of information from what to expect from different parts of the legal process.

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Publications and resources

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Guide to Good Practice on communication

The introduction, development and evolution of new methods of resolving family disputes for changing families means there is a need for us all to look at how we communicate as members of Resolution; with our clients, with other members, with our clients’ former partners if they are not represented by a lawyer, with other members of our clients’ families, with other non-member lawyers, barristers, judges and more widely within the family justice system.

Read this new guide on communication

Resolution Mediation Handbook

This handbook sets out good practice guidance for mediator members of Resolution and for those members who work closely with the mediator community. It explains the principles of mediation, the requirements of the Family Mediation Council’s (FMC) Code of Practice and sets a framework for the conduct of consistent and high-quality mediation practice.

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Cohabitation Agreements - Online only

Resolution's updated cohabitation claims (online) is an essential tool to draft cohabitation agreements. Fully annotated and updated, this resource draws on the knowledge and experience of Resolution members to provide you with this essential tool.

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