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A trusted professional can play a big part in helping to sort out issues involving the breakdown of your marriage, care of your children, your home and your finances.

Resolution members are committed to our Code of Practice, promoting a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family.

Parenting Through Separation

Parents can find information, advice and practical tips to ensure family break-up has as little impact on children as possible. The Parenting Through Separation Guide has been created by family professionals to help parents through separation, divorce and beyond.


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National Conference 2022

National Conference 2022

If you missed our recent National Conference, you can now access all the sessions on-demand through our Catch-up Package. You will have access to over 30 sessions including the Finance and Children updates plus the Family Justice Question time which all took place during the in-person element.

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What are your options?

Divorcing in a court is not the only option - there are a number of other ways that you and your ex can resolve your issues such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative practice.

Alternatives to court

Parenting Through Separation

Deciding how and when to tell your children about the split is worrying. Find tips on talking and listening to your children as well as how others can support you during this time.

Supporting your children

Guidance for litigants in person on remote hearings in the Family Court

With the advent of the global pandemic hearings in the Family Court are increasingly being held remotely by telephone or on video conferencing software. This guide is designed to help you through the process and includes helpful information on how to prepare for the hearing, how to join a hearing and what to do during the hearing.

Guidance for litigants in person on remote hearings in the Family Court

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Resolution Marital Agreements - Online and Print together

Resolution’s Marital Agreements is the comprehensive guide to preparing your pre and post nuptial agreements. This product is the online and print version together. The online version is accessed through the Orders and Agreements platform and the hard copy will be posted to you.

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Talking Family Law – the Resolution Podcast

New podcast series from Resolution, with guest experts discussing topical issues in Family Law.

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