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Resolution members are committed to our Code of Practice, promoting a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family.

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The Resolution Awards 2024

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What are your options?

Divorcing in a court is not the only option - there are a number of other ways that you and your ex can resolve your issues such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative practice.

Alternatives to court

Parenting Through Separation

Becoming a separated parent is not something you may have anticipated. It is challenging in so many ways and can be very daunting. The new second edition of Parenting through separation provides access to information and support that will help you throughout your parenting journey.

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Guidance for litigants in person on remote hearings in the Family Court

With the advent of the global pandemic hearings in the Family Court are increasingly being held remotely by telephone or on video conferencing software. This guide is designed to help you through the process and includes helpful information on how to prepare for the hearing, how to join a hearing and what to do during the hearing.

Guidance for litigants in person on remote hearings in the Family Court

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Legal Aid Newsletter | July 2024

Welcome to your July 2024 edition of the Legal Aid newsletter from Resolution.

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Guidance Note on Modern Families

The family is not just heteronormative (straight) couples who have their own children; it likely never was. The prevalence of 'alternative' or 'modern' families is more mainstream and accounts for more than 5% of the population. There will be locations in the UK, eg Brighton, Manchester and London where that percentage is much higher. This Guidance Note is a resource for members to help increase the understanding around language and culture but you are encouraged to do your own research.

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Parenting through separation guide (10 copies)

Resolution's practical and accessible co-parenting guide aims to give parents access to information and support to help them on their parenting journey through separation, divorce and beyond.

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