**NEW** Equality, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (in person)

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Trainer: Bina Modi

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**NEW** Equality, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

24th of June 2024 – in person

In Partnership with the Diversity Trust,  this course explores the key themes of equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDEI) in all aspects and forms, and their practical implications.

In a safe and inclusive learning environment, participants will engage in meaningful discussion and self-reflection, with dedicated time to delve into key equalities legislation.

The course offers clarity on organisational transparency and accountability in EDEI efforts, empowering learners to confidently discuss individual identity and diverse needs.

A 10 hour learning module, across three-hour distance learning workbook and a seven-hour in person workshop, you will learn and understand:

  • the importance of an EDEI informed ethical approach in practice; respect, dignity and individuality
  • responsibilities in respect of applicable law and guidance (inc. Equalities Act 2010, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Gender Recognition Act 2004 and associated legislation)
  • our own biases and how they may affect ethical and professional practice
  • a professional approach to issues of accessibility, removing barriers
  • how individuals may wish to identify themselves
  • avoiding assumptions and stereotyping
  • microaggression, discrimination and oppression
  • diversity competence, diversity intelligence (DQ) and using intellectual, cultural and emotional intelligence in practice
  • how to promote equality, diversity and inclusion transparently and positively to potential clients
  • developing confidence in talking about individual identity, and cultural, diverse  or other needs
  • respecting all family formations
  • EDI in relation to abusive relationships
  • EDI in relation to the rights of children and young people
  • Being well informed in matters of EDI, an awareness of services of help and support
  • the appropriate use of resources including those provided by Resolution

The course content encompasses a comprehensive overview of equalities law, duties, and responsibilities, exploration of case studies and case law, and definitions of crucial terms such as direct and indirect discrimination, discrimination by association and perception, harassment, and victimization.

The programme further analyses language and its impact, discusses the significance of representation, introduces cultural competence, intersecting identities, and unconscious bias, and provides a practical application of equalities principles.

Meet our trainers for the day:                                                               


Joni Clarke | They/Them/Theirs

Joni is a Trainer and LGBTQ+ Team Coordinator at The Diversity Trust. Driven by a passion to make a positive difference for the trans and non-binary community, they have previously worked at Non-Binary Leeds as a community organiser and support group facilitator, providing peer support and advocacy for trans and non-binary people in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Much needed material support can be a lifeline too, so they founded… Read more


Khesha Patel | She/Her

For The Diversity Trust, Khesha is a Race & Bias Coordinator and has been actively engaged in advancing Equality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (EDE&I) in professional settings. Her contributions include working on a wide range of initiatives, from shaping policies and report writing to leading research, working on various projects and has also delivered training nationally and internationally. Khesha holds a level 5 qualification in Equality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Management (Chartered Management Institute), … Read more



Bina Modi

Consultant Solicitor, collaborative law practitioner and Mediator Read more





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