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Essential skills for the modern family practitioner

Equipping all family practitioners with the skills and knowledge for modern family practice

Essential skills for the modern family practitioner

Resolution is proud to announce four new modules that will equip family practitioners with the fundamental key skills required for everyday modern practice.

With seven modules now available, growing to 12 by the end of 2024, this suite of modules will enable all family professionals to:

  • confidently guide clients and their families through separation and divorce
  • problem-solve and advise clients on the best solutions for the circumstances they face

What makes it different?

Courses have been designed for all professionals working in family practice. It recognises the importance of an interdisciplinary approach bringing lawyers, coaches, financial professionals, mediators and therapists together in a supportive and interactive training environment.

This modular approach forms a key part of Resolution’s strategy to build a network of family justice professionals, from all backgrounds and roles, who can deliver high-quality services in a changing environment, responding to the changing needs of clients and an evolving family justice system.

What are the four new modules?

  • Initial Meetings – how to work with potential client/s from the very beginning. Designing services to their needs and situation (including integrated service), and assisting them to make affordable choices using the full range of available opportunities. Find out more.
  • Communications Skills – this practical and interactive course will focus on developing excellence in communication skills including effective listening, reading non-verbal cues and strategies for dealing with difficult clients. Find out more.
  • Responsibility for Children: Our role as family lawyers – providing baseline knowledge, skill, critical awareness and understanding of the effects of parental and family separation/change. Find out more
  • Supporting Clients, Supporting Ourselves: Prioritising Mental and Emotional Health Awareness in Family Practice– providing an understanding of some of the difficulties that can arise from separation and divorce, conflict and change and how these may impact on families, whilst managing your own wellbeing. Find out more.

All available courses

Next available date:
Monday 10 June
Next available date:
Wednesday 18 September
Next available date:
Friday 4 October
Next available date:
Monday 23 September
Next available date:
Thursday 22 February
Next available date:
Thursday 8 February 2024
Next available date:
Friday 16 February 2024 (in person)

Delegate feedback

“Excellent speakers and very well run course. Very informative and helpful guidance. Have already been in touch with my managing partner to implement some of the practical guidance provided.”
Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding delegate 2023

“Excellent course, so many of the skills are transferrable in both our professional and personal lives. Excellent training. Would thoroughly recommend.”
Essential Skills delegate 2023

Meet our Faculty

Each module is delivered by one of our expert trainers. All our trainers are active family practitioners and will support you in your learning.

Our faculty will equip all learners with the knowledge and practical skills to meet the course objectives and any standards requirement applicable to the subject area.

Find out more.

About the modules

  • 7

    training modules

    Equipping all family practitioners with the fundamental key skills required for modern family practice.

  • 10

    hours of learning

    Each module consists of seven-hours in-classroom activity plus three hours distance learning.

  • 5

    modules for 2024

    12 modules will be available by the end of 2024.