Cohabitation Committee

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The Cohabitation Committee works to promote good practice in family law and family justice for cohabitants.

They aim to:

  • Provide members with education, information and support regarding the law as it affects the financial consequences of cohabitation and the breakdown of unmarried relationships (in life and death).
  • Improve the existing law for cohabitants, including highlighting and addressing the unfairness of the law regarding unmarried couples.
  • Raise awareness of the current law and need for reform.

They cover all areas of cohabitation law and practice, including all unmarried family relationships (whether same or opposite sex). The committee is also concerned with ensuring equality in marriage and civil partnership legislation. It’s important the committee reflects the views of the membership when undertaking this work and supports the broader aims of Resolution.

At the moment, their work is focussed on:

  • Providing training, workshops or events for the membership
  • Maintaining current agreements, precedents, and publications and identifying future publications
  • Lobbying for changes to legislation as outlined in the Resolution Manifesto
  • Responding to consultation papers
  • Making additions to web content for the public and members
  • Working with other organisations to further the aims of the committee
  • Raising awareness of the issues, lack of rights, and faults in current legislation – across the general public and other specialists, e.g. property lawyers.