Drafting Committee

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The Drafting Committee supports best practice by maintaining a ‘gold standard’ for financial orders and agreements which is clear and nationally consistent.

To do this, the committee:

  • Supports members by maintaining a set of orders and agreements with a finance focus.
  • Ensures all such documents are technically correct and provides guides to the documents through footnotes.
  • Maintains the orders and agreements, ensuring they’re kept up to date.
  • Provides a reference point for technical questions.
  • Teaches members about everyday drafting issues.

During the year ahead the committee will:

  • Put into place the future approach to financial remedies order precedents
  • Complete the outstanding work on the  financial remedies order precedents
  • Complete a new edition of the Resolution Marital Agreements.
  • Keep the Cohabitation Agreements under review and up to date.
  • With the Head of Editorial manage issues related to the timeline and development plans for individual projects.
  • Assess what is of value to members in regards to drafting and prioritising its work in line with this.
  • Identify policy issues related to drafting.