Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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The EDI Committee was formed to create greater diversity and inclusivity across Resolution.

They aim to:

  • Understand equality and diversity across the membership, compare this with the sector, identify any problems and plan activities which will work towards solving the problems.
  • Ensure the organisation is more open and attractive to members from all backgrounds
  • Engender openness and transparency across Resolution’s work
  • Get more people, from more diverse backgrounds, involved across Resolution

Ultimately, once the committee has made progress within the organisation, the aim is to look more broadly across the profession.

To fulfill these aims the work of the committee will focus on:

  • Runing a snapshot equality and diversity survey of the membership. This will provide the data needed to build a comparative picture.
  • Re-establish diversity monitoring at joining the organisation.
  • Indentify solutions to the issues raised by the diversity survey.
  • Communicating regularly with the membership about the work of the committee about the committee’s plans and activities.