National YRes Committee

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YRes is Resolution’s network of family law professionals at the start of their careers. It exists to ensure that there is an opportunity for Resolution members who are starting out on their career path to share their experiences, concerns and ideas and develop their skills and knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment.

YRes members can share their expertise with peers and colleagues to benefit their firms, and strengthen professional relationships within their region and across the country.

The committee makes sure YRes remains at the heart of all Resolution work and junior practitioners are integrated with Resolution at all levels, both regionally and nationally.

Their work is currently focussed on:

  • Holding a YRes Chairs forum in October to gather feedback from regions to shape our direction for the year ahead.
  • Delivering a second National YRes conference for YRes members from across the country to meet and learn together.
  • Providing wellbeing support for YRes members.
  • Working with Training & Learning Committee to develop training resources for YRes members.
  • Engaging a wide variety of YRes members within Resolution, including involvement in committees and working parties on a national and local level.