Parenting after Parting Committee

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The Parenting After Parting Committee develops the Resolution approach for practitioners working with parents so that, ultimately, parents will receive the same standard of care and support from any Resolution practitioner.

They do this by working to

  • Develop the skills of members to help parents reach long-term arrangements about their children following separation.
  • Develop the skills of members to help parents support the children involved throughout the process of separation.
  • Raise the profile of the Resolution approach and associated skills amongst all Resolution members.

Their work is currently focussed on developing help for members by:

  • Creating, reviewing and updating training, which will include involvement in the development of a one day children-focussed conference.
  • Providing tools and the support for using them.
  • Creating resources that help members connect to their community, such as a directory of local services.

The committee also helps clients by creating, reviewing and updating content and developing useful tools.