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Shropshire Collaborative Lawyers is a group of like-minded professionals with recognised experience in the field of family law and dispute resolution.  Most of the members of the group work for different firms in Shropshire, practising family law including divorce, children and cohabitation disputes but have made a conscious decision to look for an alternative way to resolve matters rather than the conflict-based court process, because they feel it is better for the client.

The Shropshire Collaborative Lawyers group was founded in 2004 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.  All lawyers are members of Resolution, a family law organisation that promotes a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters, and have undertaken four days of specialist training to become Collaborative practitioners.

Members of the group are used to working alongside each other and are regularly instructed by clients both within the Collaborative and traditional Court process.  Members can also work with other Collaboratively trained lawyers from other groups or firms outside Shropshire.

Collaborative Law combines all the advantages of out-of-court processes in terms of speed and cost. The Collaborative lawyers use mediation style techniques to reach a common agreement. They share the parties’ goals of resolving matters in a constructive way. The parties also have the advantage of their lawyer being with them throughout the process, offering them support and guidance, not only on the law, but on other practical aspects too. The parties retain the ability to find solutions themselves rather than having solutions imposed on them. It is private, confidential and less humiliating and stressful than the court process. It can be over in a matter of just a few weeks or some months.

Area: Shropshire, Telford, South Shropshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands

POD Contact:  http://www.shropshirecollaborativelawyers.co.uk/