Standards Committee

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The Standards Committee works put the Code of Practice at the heart of everything we do, and make it easier for our members to put it at the heart of their work.

They do this by:

  • Promoting high standards of practice amongst our members for the benefit of our clients, their families and the public, through the provision of information and education
  • Promoting and ensuring compliance with, and understanding of, the Code of Practice
  • Always being mindful of the needs of all of our members, the evolution of the family justice profession, members’ duties to the court (where applicable), commercial and other pressures on our members and the need to deliver high quality holistic client service with a consumer focus.

Their work includes

  • Keeping the Good Practice Guides, Guidance Notes and other related publications up to date and producing/commissioning new guides and notes
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with the other committees about the Code of Practice and standards
  • Ensuring the Code in Practice course is fit for purpose and taking other steps to educate members in respect of the Code
  • Producing guidance on applying the Code of Practice in day to day work
  • Overseeing complaints and regularly reviewing the complaints guidance and procedure