Collaborative Foundation Training November 2024

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***In Person Training ***

Day one:  25 November 2024 – in person at Resolution’s London offices.

Trainers: Angela Lake-Carroll and Mary Shaw

Day two: 26 November 2024 – in person at Resolution’s London offices.

Day three: 27 November 2024 – in person at Resolution’s London offices.

Trainers: Tasha Bevan-Stewart, Catherine Sousa and Adele Ballantyne

FEES: £1000 + VAT

We are very pleased to announce that we have re-developed the Collaborative Foundation Training. Collaborative practice focuses on resolving clients’ family disputes efficiently and constructively via a round-table meeting process. The more ‘traditional’ route of solicitor-led correspondence often leading to litigation is avoided.  Collaborative practice allows clients and lawyers to focus on the best outcomes for all concerned and bring in neutral advisers and/or to use other approaches alongside to help the family. Practising as a collaborative professional demands different skills from us than those of ‘traditional’ practice, not least working with your colleagues and with both clients together.  Our collaborative training programme introduces the essential skills you will need and gives you the opportunity to try these out in a safe space.  We help you understand the collaborative model overall and advise you on how to set up collaborative cases. Integral to collaborative practice is the experience of joining local practice groups or ‘PODS.’ Membership of one or more PODS keeps you connected to other local collaborative practitioners, provides support and can introduce you to a range of different professionals. Our three day Collaborative Foundation course will give all participants an excellent grounding and understanding of how to start and run their collaborative cases. Before booking please note: this foundation course is only suitable for members of Resolution. There is no minimum PQE to attend.

All those attending collaborative foundation training are required to have undertaken training in Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding if they have not done so within the last two years. This reflects the critical importance Resolution believes should be accorded to this subject.  

Courses are available via Resolution for this purpose and courses and workshops are readily available from other providers. 

Please be aware that your course will not cover this subject in depth and there will be an expectation that you will have currency of knowledge and skill related to domestic abuse (in all forms), including safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Information relating to this is available in the Collaborative Handbook.

We would recommend that you do not book travel or accommodation until we have written to you to confirm that there are sufficient delegates for the course to run. We will give you as much notice as possible. Numbers are limited on this course and places will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Any queries please contact the Professional Development team

Booking agreement

By booking a place on this course, I certify I meet the Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding training requirements above and provided information true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Please note: From time to time, Resolution carries out randomised checks as to accuracy of information provided by applicants.

Any queries, please contact:



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