Early Help for Parents

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This online course will equip you with the essential skills you need to ensure that you can provide the early help your clients need as parents going through divorce and separation. The course can be completed online at your convenience.

This online course effectively demonstrates how to use resources including Resolution’s booklet, Separation and Divorce, which members can share and actively use with their clients. The ultimate benefit is not only having clients who are better informed, but less anxious clients who feel well supported. Clients will recognise that you have addressed some of their most fundamental concerns and are able and willing to tailor services to meet their needs.

The course shows that as lawyers it is possible to help clients take control and set a child-focused agenda. We know that some lawyers are concerned about whether clients want this from them; this concern is comprehensively addressed in this training.

If you use the strategies provided in this training, you will not only be helping parents do the right thing for their children – you will also be building a better relationship with your client, with all the potential benefits for your practice.

You will learn to better address:

  • What is happening emotionally in your client’s family and how to ensure that enough support is in place;
  • How children of different ages react to separation and divorce, what to look out for and how to meet children’s needs at this time of family change;
  • How clients can talk to their children about the changes in their family;
  • How clients can redefine the relationship with their separated partner and manage expectations by creating a practical and relevant parenting plan, which reflects the best interests of any children involved.

Introductory offer: when you sign up for the course you’ll receive three free copies of Resolution’s Separation and Divorce booklet.

This course was a real eye-opener. It showed me that I had probably not given my clients the chance to say what was important to them. This will definitely change the way I deal with meetings with clients. I think this course is really helpful and all family lawyers should undertake it.

The Separation and divorce booklet contains a real wealth of information and is a resource I will be turning to and pointing clients to much more frequently now. I especially like the explanations of the developmental stages and age-appropriate advice, and the list of books at the back for children – really really useful.

  • EHP-2019 | Members Price £40.00


  • EHP-2019 | Non-members Price £60.00