How to engage more effectively with clients – essential skills for working relationships

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Trainer: Suzy Power
Trainer: Angela Lake-Carroll

These three consecutive workshops look to give those attending the skills they can apply to working with clients in different contexts.

  • Session 1: 27th July

  • Session 2: 3rd September

  • Session 3: 30th September

All sessions are run from 10am-12pm


These three consecutive workshops look to give those attending the skills they can apply to working with clients in different contexts.

Run by Angela Lake-Carroll and Suzy Power, they build on the skills training offered in Resolution’s mediation and collaborative training.

They are designed as a standalone series of sessions specifically for those who have not yet trained in mediation or collaborative practice.

Members who have trained as mediators and collaborative practitioners have recognised the benefit of having newly acquired skills that they bring to their everyday practice.

We are delighted to offer this series of three workshops which will look at these skills in depth and which will be of benefit in working with clients both remotely and face-to-face.

Participants are expected to attend each session.

Session 1:  Managing emotions of clients and the dynamics of conflict (27th July)

The first workshop will consider how we manage the emotional content that clients bring to their relationship with us as practitioners. How do we manage their expectations, keep them engaged and assist them in considering how their future might look. This workshop will look at the dynamics of conflict within the family and approaches that may be used to reduce some of the stresses and tensions.

Session 2: Actively listening to clients (3rd September)

The second workshop will consider what we mean by truly actively listening to clients, utilising the skills of acknowledgment and normalising when listening to the distress, anger and frustration that many of our clients experience at the end of a relationship. Many are also stressed being in the same house and having to use new technology. We will consider how to sit comfortably with anger, distress and silence and adapt our responses in order that clients feel heard.

Session 3:  Understanding our use of language with clients (30th September)

The third workshop will focus on the sensitive use of language and how we might use constructive language with our clients in order to preserve their emotional well-being as well as that of their family and children. We will look at the use of various question forms to encourage clients to engage in a constructive dialogue with us and consider how when working with parents we can keep the needs of children to the forefront of our discussions with clients.

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