HMCTS’s new Common Video Platform (CVP) demonstration

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26th May 2020 - 4pm - As part of their response to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) HMCTS is bringing in a new video platform, Cloud Video Platform (CVP). This is to enable all parties in a criminal hearing to take part remotely – allowing all magistrate and crown courts in England and Wales to hold secure hearings, making it easier to make sure justice continues to be served.

Most criminal cases are heard in magistrate courts and this technology – available for cases such as remand, custody time limit, and sentencing hearings – will help move people through the criminal justice system in these unprecedented times.

This technology will not be used for jury trials, and a judge will decide whether it is appropriate to use in any other hearing on a case-by-case basis.

The Kinly Cloud Video Platform (CVP) is initially being rolled out to 60 magistrates’ courts and 48 crown courts currently open to the public, with others to follow as soon as possible. It is also being introduced to the Civil and Family courts.

CVP connects securely to the existing justice video network which links police stations and prisons to courts, and can be accessed by any internet-enabled device with a camera and a microphone.

For more information on the use of HMCTS’ CVP please visit the website.

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