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The day is aimed at giving you the skills to maintain a healthy practice in family law, including listening skills and managing the pressures of family law.

24 September 2019 – London

An essential toolkit for maintaining a healthy practice

Listening skills – Mary Raymont (Mediator, Advantage Mediation) and Karen Barham (Consultant, Barlow Robbins)
Looking at ways in which everyday technology is affecting family law cases – Byron James (Partner, Expatriate Law)
  • We use technology every day in our lives, from smart devices to apps, and so do clients. What information is held on those devices, and in the cloud, that could be used to achieve a fair outcome in family proceedings? This talk will cover how to use WhatsApp to serve applications, how to use Facebook Messenger to locate an abducted child and how to establish that a party has a decentralised cryptocurrency currency wallet that leaves no external trace and is not held by any bank.
LSPO – Katherine Dunseath (Barrister, 1 Garden Court)
Focusing the legal mind – Mark Randall (mindfulness specialist, CEO of MRC Ltd and Co-Founder of AlphaMind)
  • Mindfulness training carefully aligned to the pressures and challenges of modern day life and complex environments based upon the formula used by the US Military Special Forces Mindfitness programme.
Be at your best – practical tips for managing the pressures of family law – Elizabeth Rimmer (Chief Executive, LawCare)
    • It’s important to prioritise your wellbeing so that you can provide the best support and advice your clients need. You may sometimes recognise that a colleague is feeling the pressures of work but you may be unsure about how to support them. In this session, Elizabeth will share practical tips on how to manage the day to day pressures of working in family law, how to support a colleague you may be concerned about and simple steps your firm can take, to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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