Resolving issues – get started in DR practice in family law

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This online training package brings together experience and understanding of the current time and considers how best to get started in dispute resolution practice in family law.

This online learning package includes a number of tools and resources that will help you get started in developing your dispute resolution practice.

It looks at the particular challenges at the current time since the initial lockdown in March 2020 and considers the future of family practice.

It will take you through how different DR processes work, when they are most effective and how to build your career in this area.

This package is specifically aimed at those looking to get started in DR practice in family law.


What this package includes

Webinar series: DR practice in family law – new ways of working after Covid

As we face the changes brought about by COVID-19, this series will focus on the greater emphasis on out of court solutions and top tips for virtual and hybrid methods. The package includes a set of webinars delivered by Karin Walker and Suzanne Kingston:

  1. Everyone is talking about DR – where do I start?
  2. Everything you need to know about mediation
  3. Refresher on arbitration – children changes
  4. Covid-19 – What’s new in the virtual world?
  5. How to emerge with positivity and purpose

Recorded workshop

A session delivered by Tasha Bevan-Stewart and Tim Whitney at the Future of Family Practice Conference 2020: “Waking the DR Spirit – the benefits of acquiring collaborative and mediation skills early in your career”

Demonstration: DR in practice

A set of demonstrations of the three leading forms of DR practice: mediation, collaborative practice and arbitration (children and finance)

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