Spotlight Series: Vicarious Trauma

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Trainer: Robyn Bradey
Trainer: Joanna Fleck
Trainer: Rachel Francis

Part of the Spotlight Series, this 2.5 hour online session with Robyn Bradey, Joanna Fleck and Rachel Francis will tackle the key issue in the wellbeing of family practitioners: managing vicarious trauma.

24th June 2021 (2-4.30pm)

This session covers:

Vicarious trauma has rarely been spoken about in the legal world until now.

The profession has belatedly woken up to the reality that dealing with the misery and trauma of others takes its toll on the wellbeing of the professionals involved.

This stimulating webinar will explore in depth what vicarious trauma is, how it affects us and what we can do about it.


Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series on Wellbeing is jointly supported by Resolution, Women in Family Law and FLBA.

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