The Psychology of Family Law

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Trainer: Annmarie Carvalho

This new online course provides all family practitioners with essential insights from the field of psychology into your work with clients.

27th November 2020 – 10am-12pm

In this session, we will delve under the surface and take a look at the emotions that lie underneath our day to day work, not only our clients’ but also our own emotions as practitioners working with troubled relationships.

1. The client – first we will look at the psychological processes our clients go through, with some important updates on the traditional 5 stages of grief model. You will come away with new ways of thinking about grief, loss and change, which you can then use to help your clients come to terms with their situation.

2. Ourselves – as family practitioners, we often neglect our own emotional state and focus on the clients. This is to our detriment. In this part of our session we take a look at ourselves (not always easy!), the psychological impact of this work on us and examine some of the tools we can use to help us stay afloat emotionally.

This session is aimed at all practitioners working with families, including non-lawyer mediators, financial neutrals and others.

Introduction to the course

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