Webinar: Starting Online Family Video Mediation

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This webinar discussion explores online video family mediation.

11th May 2020 (3pm-5pm)

The past couple of months have driven us to different ways of working as family mediators.

This webinar discussion explores online video family mediation.

  • How can we keep working and safeguard all involved in the mediation process?
  • Are we struggling to grapple with the technology of online video conferencing?
  • Are we waiting for all of this to blow over and stay with the traditional ways or are there opportunities for the future in new ways of working?

This is an opportunity to hear from experienced mediators who have been working with online video family mediation for many years.

Our discussion will cover the basics of the technology involved as well as the nuts and bolts of client care.

Join us for a conversation about different practices, sharing ideas and in the “new normal”.


Mary Raymont

Mary Raymont has worked as a divorce lawyer since 1992 and a mediator since 1996. She spent her professional career working on all types of financial cases on divorce and separation for those who are unmarried as well as private law children and public law children cases , being on the law Society Children Panel. Mary now focuses on her family mediation practice Advantage Mediation Ltd and also works as a locum solicitor . She sits on Resolution’s Dispute Resolution Committee and Training and Learning Committee.

Stephen Anderson

Stephen G Anderson is an FMC accredited mediator, PPC and non-practising solicitor. He has been mediating online since 2012, and training others to do so since 2013. Stephen is also qualified to mediate in civil & commercial, workplace, elder & adult and community matters too. He lives in Suffolk, is a co-founder of Start Mediation Ltd and tweets as @StartMediation.

Tom Farrell

Tom Farrell is an experienced Family Mediator and Independent Financial Planner. He also acts as a Financial Neutral and Financial Coach. He runs a specialist practice, exclusively working with people who are going through separation or divorce.

Tom qualified as a family mediator in 2010 and was accredited by the FMC in June 2016. He also qualified as a civil and commercial mediator in 2012, undertaking specialist training with Henry Brown in the use of civil commercial techniques for family work.

Angela Lake-Carroll

Angela maintains an independent portfolio of work related to family law (private and public law children matters), mediation and collaborative law practice. She also works as a family consultant with individuals, parents and families dealing with relationship breakdown or family transitions generally.

She is an accredited family mediator of more than thirty years’ experience and a professional practice consultant (PPC). She maintains her practice both as a mediator and as a PPC. She writes and provides national and international training for family and collaborative lawyers and for family mediators. She delivers numerous courses in mediation for Resolution, including Mediation Foundation Training and Child Inclusive Mediation Foundation Training. She is Consultant Head of Standards with Resolution and leads Resolution’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme.

She works in other fields of mediation and dispute resolution including commercial, medico-legal, Court of Protection and educational disputes. She is a Trustee of Reunite International with whom conducts online mediation.

Liz Tait

Liz is a Resolution Accredited Family Mediation Council Approved Mediator at Divorce Jigsaw , Lancashire. She is a former solicitor of some 30 years experience specialising solely in family dispute resolution. Having previously headed family departments in both large regional and national law firms, she now practices wholly in mediation in all its forms with a particular interest in on line mediation.

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