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I provide you with legal support and a solution to sorting life’s problems around personal relationships.

Sadly, break-ups happen. One in three of us in a marriage will end up in divorce.

On one side of the coin, we have the legal and pragmatic issues to resolve, but on the other, we have the emotional impact and chaos to resolve.

I help work through both of these to help you to close one chapter in your life, turn the page and start the next chapter in your life with a positive outlook.

I provide cost-effective, compassionate and pragmatic legal advice for the ups and downs of personal relationships: separation, divorce, financial settlements, cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples and pre-nups.

I believe everyone has a book in them made up of different ‘Life Chapters’. As a Divorce and Family Law solicitor, I support you through each chapter in the journey of your life.

Whether that’s protecting your wealth as you move in with someone at the start of your relationship or helping you through the pain and legalities of ending one.

I started Life’s Chapters in order to provide non-confrontational legal support in a personalised way tailored to each individual client’s needs.

My approach promotes better outcomes and more amicable divorces and separations, helping people, for example, co-parent better after divorce.

No one enters into a marriage, civil partnership or other unmarried relationship to separate or divorce. But the reality is, it happens. It can be one of the most lonely, uncertain and emotional times of your life.

Whether you are at the stage of separation, divorce or financial settlement, it is not easy.

As a Resolution Accredited Solicitor, compassion, communication and human understanding underpin how I work.

I specialise in planning and problem solving to minimise pain, damage and antagonism.

I know that with the right advice and planning, divorce does not have to be devastating.

➤➤ Let me help you close one chapter in your life, turn the page and start the next chapter.

Please get in touch with me to discuss how I can help you cut through all the drama and help you achieve the best outcome. Email

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