Coronavirus outbreak – Can your experience help other members?

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The consequences of the current Coronavirus outbreak – including social distancing, working at home and fewer court buildings remaining open – have forced all of us to think differently about how we work.

We know this is creating challenges for many members, who are having to grapple with new technology and a justice system that is having to adapt quickly to the current crisis. This is understandably putting a strain on members’ day to day work, and causing stress for those making difficult decisions about their businesses.

Resolution’s members and staff team are working to support you as much as possible through this crisis. One of our core strengths has always been that we are a community of like-minded family professionals, committed to supporting each other through the good times –  as well as the more challenging ones like these.

As well as the challenges, we are starting to hear some uplifting reports of how members are continuing to deliver for clients and promote our Code of Practice in the face of adversity.

That’s why we’re asking members to contribute articles to share your experiences so far, to highlight to other members ways you are approaching work in these challenging and unprecedented times.

In the coming weeks we’ll be publishing guidance and support on our website, and through our twice-weekly Coronavirus Bulletin. If you’re interested in contributing to this by writing an article for the website and The Review, we’d love to hear from you.

It might be a piece about conducting mediation remotely; it might be something you’re doing with your local court that seems to be working well; or how you’re overcoming challenges in delivering public children work – anything you think would be helpful to other members like you.

Equally, if you’ve already experienced remote hearings, filing applications online, or any of the more technical aspects of new processes being brought in, and have insight and advice you can offer others, we want to hear from you as well.

If you’re interested, please get in touch.

We know these are tough times for us all. But together, we will help each other through it. We are #StongerTogether.