Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2023

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The Government has published The Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2023. The amendments include:

  • Rules 4, 10 and 12 amend the FPR to provide for provision to be made in a practice direction (Practice Direction 27C) for Independent Domestic Violence Advisers and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers to attend proceedings without the need for an order of the court.
  • Rule 14 amends rule 30.3 of the FPR to add an additional category of judge of the family court who may make an order that an application for permission to appeal may not be reconsidered at a hearing, where the judge has refused the application for permission to appeal, without a hearing, as being totally without merit.
  • Rule 17 amends rule 33.3 of the FPR to make provision about the content of a standard order which is issued on an application for the court to order such method of enforcement as the court may consider appropriate.