Post-separation parenting smartphone apps

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Dr Leanne Smith (Exeter University), Professors Bruce Smyth (Australian National University), and Jason Payne (University of Wollongong, Australia), and Drs Genevieve Heard and Glenn Althor (Relationships Australia) are currently investigating which co-parenting smartphone apps or app features can benefit separated families.

These apps are designed to help separated parents manage their post-separation parenting arrangements, and typically include a messaging/chat function, shared calendar, expense tracker, and a way to retain documents for legal purposes. The findings from the study are likely to be of considerable interest to judges, mediators, family lawyers, other family justice system professionals, and separated parents.

The research team is running a brief anonymous web-survey that takes about 12 minutes. Participation is voluntary. The survey is designed to represent a diversity of views and experiences, including the views of family law professionals who don’t use or who don’t know much about these apps.

General information about the study is available here; please read this before undertaking the survey. If you can help, please click on this link to take the survey.

If would like more specific information about the study, please contact Dr Leanne Smith or the lead Chief Investigator in Australia, Professor Bruce Smyth.

The ethical aspects of this research have been approved by the Australian National University Human Research Ethics Committee (2021/426) and the relevant Research Ethics Committee at the University of Exeter.

Many thanks on behalf of the research team for considering this request.