Red Book feedback request

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I have just completed my first year as the general editor of the Red Book. I am very keen to hear from Resolution members what they honestly think about it. It will greatly help me think about and discuss with LexisNexis and the Editorial Team how the book might be made more useful to practitioners. All comments will be treated confidentially. Any comment, short or long, will be helpful as long as it is frank.

Please don’t restrict your comments to the following questions or feel obliged to answer any or all of them but in particular I would be grateful to know:

  1. Do you use the Red Book a lot / sometimes / hardly at all / never?
  2. If you use it, do you use the printed version / the online version / the PDF version?
  3. What do you find really useful / helpful in the Red Book?
  4. What do you find least useful / helpful in the Red Book?
  5. How useful do you find the 200 pages of Tables of statutes, statutory instruments, rules, practice directions and cases at the start of the book?
  6. What would you like to see in the Red Book that isn’t?

 Please email your feedback to District Judge Charles Prest QC