Resolution heralds ‘landmark moment’ for divorce law

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Nigel Shepherd, former Chair of Resolution and long-time campaigner for no fault divorce, said:

“This is a landmark moment for divorce law in England and Wales. For too long, too many divorcing couples have been forced to play the ‘blame game’, needlessly having to assign fault in order to satisfy an outdated legal requirement. If these proposals make their way into law, that will no longer be necessary.

“Resolution and its members have been leading the campaign for no fault divorce for many years. This announcement comes after a period of intense campaigning and lobbying, from our Parliamentary Lobby Day in 2016, to our more recent intervention in support of Mrs Owens in the Supreme Court.

“We’re pleased the government has listened to us, and look forward to playing a key role in working with Ministers and officials on the detail of these proposed changes. With MPs from all main parties voicing their support for change, I hope that we will soon see reform that will help thousands of couples and parents avoid unnecessary conflict should their marriage or civil partnership sadly come to an end.

“It is now vital that the many individuals and organisations who have supported our call for change in recent months respond to the government consultation and get firmly behind this reform.”