Resolution launches wellbeing programme

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  • Survey launched to gather picture of wellbeing among family practitioners.
  • Family justice body teams up with LawCare to offer free wellbeing webinar.
  • Programme launched after two-thirds of professionals report feeling more isolated during lockdown.

Resolution, the family justice membership body, has launched a major new initiative to tackle the growing concerns over practitioners’ wellbeing, and is encouraging professionals to provide their views in a major new survey.

The move coincides with World Mental Health Day (10th October) and follows the results of a snap poll run by the organisation, which revealed two-thirds of respondents are feeling more isolated during lockdown.

To launch the programme, Resolution has partnered with LawCare, the legal mental health charity, to offer a free online webinar, sharing the charity’s expertise and helping family practitioners find ways to improve their wellbeing.

The webinar will be available free of charge to anyone who completes Resolution’s survey, designed to identify the key issues affecting the wellbeing of family justice professionals in the current climate, whether they are Resolution members or not.

Respondents will also receive the report on wellbeing arising out of the survey, and free access to a further webinar based on its key findings. This is in addition to the suite of wellbeing resources already available on Resolution’s website.

Resolution’s Chair, Juliet Harvey, explained that concerns over wellbeing preceded the current crisis:

“COVID and lockdown has certainly brought wellbeing in the workplace into sharper focus; but the truth is many family justice professionals were facing challenges long before the pandemic radically changed the way we all work.

“For some these new ways of working have come as a welcome relief. For others, it has created or accentuated challenges within the working environment – we want to find out more about these challenges so that we can provide even more tailored support to members and the wider profession. We’re delighted to be able to offer this free webinar with LawCare as a thank you to those who take part in this important research.”

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, added:

“We’ve spoken to many lawyers during lockdown, and last year the top three issues facing those who contacted us were stress, depression and bullying. Given the types of issues family practitioners deal with, together with the new and different ways in which they’re working, this perhaps comes as no surprise.

“I’m sure many reading this will have concerns about their own or their colleagues’ wellbeing, and it is vital that professionals know they don’t have to struggle on their own. That’s why we encourage all practitioners to complete this survey, and look forward to supporting Resolution’s work in this area.”