Resolution welcomes MPs’ support for no-fault divorce

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Resolution has welcomed the news that MPs have voted in favour of the latest stage of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill which, when passed, will finally end the requirement for couples to assign fault in order to be granted a divorce.

Speaking immediately after the second reading debate in the House of Commons, Resolution’s Chair, Margaret Heathcote, said:

“Today’s vote was a victory for common sense and compassion. Resolution members abide by a Code of Practice that aims to reduce conflict and confrontation within the divorce process while considering the needs of the whole family. The current rules of fault-based divorce actively harms the ability of our members to resolve disputes constructively by cementing in conflict from the very start of the process.

“MPs should be proud of themselves for putting families first. No-fault divorce will ensure more families are able to come to long lasting, amicable and constructive agreements which benefit everyone involved, particularly children. It is a shame that a small number of MPs voted against the Bill; but we hope that they will see the benefits of this legislation as it helps separating couples minimise conflict which will, in turn, improve outcomes for children.

“For more than 30 years, Resolution has campaigned for no-fault divorce, a reform that will make divorce not easier, but kinder. This victory would not have been possible without the dedication, support and passion that our members have for helping families resolves conflict constructively. Today’s victory was won by our members, for the couples they support, and will benefit thousands of separating families each year in England and Wales.”