Resolution welcomes the new government – It’s time to make cohabitation reform, and a better family justice system for all, a reality

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Resolution urges the new government to waste no time in getting to grips with the issues facing the family justice system and quickly starting to act on their commitment to cohabitation reform.

Cohabitation reform is an important cornerstone of Resolution’s Vision for Family Justice, which sets out a variety of changes Resolution and its members, wish to see to the family justice system in order to better serve separating couples and their children.

Grant Cameron, Chair of Resolution’s National Committee says: “Resolution is looking forward to working with new ministers and Ministry of Justice officials to make cohabitation reform a reality as quickly as possible.

“The family justice system in England and Wales is at a crucial turning point. It is vital that the family justice system meets the need of today’s modern families. We urge the Government to make cohabitation reform a priority so that more than 3.6 million cohabiting families in the UK get the legal protection they urgently need.”

Jo Edwards, Chair of Resolution’s Family Law Reform Group, says: “There are three main asks of the new Government, in the context of family justice. First, cohabitation reform – to which Labour committed in its manifesto. For too long we have ignored the reality of how people are living their lives, and it is not enough to educate people about their lack of rights or just encourage them to marry or form a civil partnership. We need to protect people, and their children, from financial hardship by finally grappling with these issues and introducing a framework of rights and responsibilities for unmarried couples.

“Second, a commitment to funding for initial family legal advice, which is vital in the aftermath of the legal aid cuts, to support people as they navigate separation and, where appropriate, signpost them away from court and alleviate the pressure on our courts.

“Third, the new administration must invest in our family justice system and better support our family courts, so that those couples who need to go to court – usually the most vulnerable – don’t face long delays in accessing justice.

“The recommendations in our Vision for Family Justice are essential for improving the family justice system, reducing conflict for separating families and providing necessary protection and support for them and their children.  As the leading voice of the family justice sector, Resolution played a pivotal role in working with the previous administration to make no fault divorce a reality. We look forward to working alongside the new government to advise and guide them on all issues impacting separating families and improve the lot of children everywhere.”