Resolution Marital Agreements – Print Only

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Resolution’s Marital Agreements is the comprehensive guide to preparing your pre and post nuptial agreements.

This product is the print version only. You will be posted a hard copy of the book.

The Drafting Committee have used their collective knowledge to pull together the most useful and effective precedents for creating pre and post nuptial agreements.

These precedents are accompanied by footnotes which include helpful tips, explanations and legal backgrounds where relevant.

It also includes 4 sample Schedules which you can adapt.


Introductory note by the Drafting Committee
1. Heading
2. Definitions
3. Recital: Habitual residence/domicile/nationality
4. Recital: Prior marriage
5. Recital: [No intention to have children/Intention to have children]
6. Recital: Agreement made in contemplation or following marriage
7. Recital: Acknowledgement that would not have married/stayed married
8. Recital: Recording wishes and intentions
9. Recital: Separate acquisition of property
10. Recital: Independent acquisition of future property
11. Recital: Financial provision for children to be dealt with separately
12-13. Recitals: Independent legal advice
14. Recital: Payment of other party’s legal fees
15. Recital: No undue influence/entire agreement
16. Recital: Material disclosure provided
17. Recital: No further requests for information
18. Recital: Time for advice/reflection
19. Recital: Resolving claims on permanent separation
20. Recital: Provision being fair/just and reasonable and legally binding
21. Recital: No unfairness
22. Recital: Request for court to implement terms of agreement
23. Recital: Radmacher applying
24. Recital: Changes if agreements become enforceable
25. Recital: Terms being binding worldwide
26. Agreement: Timing of coming into force
27. Agreement: Confidentiality
28. Agreement: Separation of property
29. Agreement: No rights arising from marriage or other acts
30. Agreement: Control over property
31. Agreement: No liability for debts
32. Agreement: No claims for financial remedy
33. Agreement: Agreement to make a will
34. Agreement: No prohibition on lifetime gifts
35. Agreement: No claims on death
36. Agreement: Variation
37. Agreement: Severability
38. Agreement: Terms continue notwithstanding dissolution
39. Agreement: Applicable law
40. Agreement: Jurisdiction
41. Agreement: Mirror agreement
42. Agreement: Disputes
43. Agreement: Review
44. Agreement: Costs
45. Execution clause
46. Schedule 1: Financial provision
47. Schedule 2: Separate property
48. Schedule 3: Separate property
49. Schedule 4: Joint property
Relevant Statement of Party A
Relevant Statement of Party B
Solicitor’s Certificate of Independent Advice: Party A
Solicitor’s Certificate of Independent Advice: Party B

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