Dispute resolution

The Family Practice Conference 2021

The Dispute Resolution Committee's Conference Working Party have started work on this year's Family Practice Conference. This follows on from the success of last year's online event, which was attended by nearly 350 members.

Managing high conflict personalities in legal and mediation practice

This workshop is intended to assist professionals working with high conflict personalities to recognise when dealing with such personalities and to adapt their strategies as necessary and appropriate. It should provide a greater sense of control over situations which such personalities may otherwise excessively influence.

Child Inclusive Mediation Awareness and Understanding Day

Following the recommendations of the Voice of the Child Dispute Resolution Advisory Group, the FMC and Family Mediation Standards Board have recently approved the new standards for child inclusive mediation. This course will be held online.

National Conference, On-demand Catchup Package

If you missed our recent National Conference, you can now access all the sessions on-demand through our Catch-up Package.

Hosted over five days online, it was our biggest National Conference yet, with 43 sessions including daily plenaries, skills workshops and key updates.