Domestic Abuse Committee

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The Domestic Abuse committee works to develop and promote the awareness of issues around all aspects of domestic abuse.

They aim to:

  • Identify and develop training and education for all Resolution members, not just legal professionals
  • Promote specialist accreditation, setting and maintaining standards
  • Identify best practice to ensure practitioners can deal with domestic abuse
  • Promote change wherever necessary, engaging external stakeholders to improve policy, regulation and legislation

Their work focusses on:

  • Lobbying and consultation, for example, in relation to legal aid funding issues, vulnerable clients, and so on.
  • Identifying and developing training, both face-to-face and online. This will include a workshop at National Conference.
  • Raising awareness amongst the Resolution membership of domestic abuse related issues.
  • Attending relevant conferences and conventions.
  • Considering and discussing the best way to achieve its aims either by training, lobbying or promoting to the membership.