National Committee

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Resolution’s success lies in the fact that it is run by members, who are practitioners with hands-on experience. The National Committee (NC) brings together a core group of members to lead the organisation, set the strategy and oversee the finances, making sure we’re doing all we can to achieve our vision and mission.

NC works with the staff team to define and refine our strategy and objectives, and develop the annual plans needed to meet these objectives. NC also monitors progress towards those objectives and plans.

NC make important decisions about our organisation. Recent activities include: driving our work to improve family law reform; supporting the development of Resolution’s new training space; and oversight of the ongoing website redevelopment project.

There can be up to 21 members of NC and membership of NC is open to all Members (not Associates) of Resolution. NC members are elected by the membership, and elections take place each year. Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are appointed from within NC.

The key responsibilities of NC are to:

  • Uphold and promote the objects, vision, mission and values of Resolution.
  • Set the organisation’s strategic objectives, policies and priorities, based on the input of members, committees, sub-committees and working parties; and in partnership with the staff team.
  • Ensure proper consultation and involvement of the membership in the activity and direction of the organisation.
  • Consider reports from, and agree the work plans of, Resolution’s sub-committees, working parties and the staff team.
  • Ensure the accountability of the Chief Executive.
  • Agree an annual budget and monitor Resolution’s finances.
  • Ensure Resolution’s work is monitored and evaluated.
  • Ensure risks to the organisation, staff, volunteers and members are at an acceptable level and are effectively managed.