Regional Liaison Committee

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Resolution has a vibrant and effective network of regional groups, supporting members on the ground. Regional Liaison Committee (RLC) brings together representatives from each of the committees that run the regional groups.

RLC provides a unique opportunity for members to meet with other regions in an open and structured forum. The committee fosters pride across Resolution by increasing engagement and taking a problem-solving approach. The RLC represents a microcosm of Resolution’s 6,500 members. As such, it is the heartbeat of the organisation, with the widest geographic scope of all the committees and informs work across the whole organisation.

The Regional Liaison Committee aims to:

  • Provide the touchstone for open and transparent communication across Resolution.
  • Facilitate communication – and develop the understanding – between regional committees and National Committee (NC).
  • Be a hub for connecting to and between regional committees.
  • Encourage greater engagement in the discussions taking place within Resolution – broadening the horizons of the organisation.
  • Ensure regions input into the organisational plans and direction.
  • Facilitate and promote national campaigns across the regions.
  • Share knowledge and experience of what is happening across the county in relation to family justice.
  • Build consistency across the regions, spreading best practice and solving problems together to reduce isolation and reinvigorate local regions.
  • Provide a meaningful forum for consultation on new ideas, projects and approaches across Resolution

The committee provides a forum for local issues to be discussed, for regional committees to share ideas and work together and for regional committees and National Committee (NC) to discuss issues, ideas and projects together.