Training & Learning Committee

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The Training & Learning Committee aims to:

  • Deliver a wide ranging, high quality and structured training programme that promotes the ethos of Resolution and is accessible to all family justice professionals at all levels
  • Set the strategy and direction of training and learning activity, identifying any gaps in the training and learning opportunities Resolution provides
  • Oversee the training and learning activity across Resolution
  • Create flexible and evolving training programmes across platforms that are relevant to members and which can be adapted to the market and the changing needs of the family justice profession
  • Ensure member’s training needs are met throughout their career

The committee does this by:

  • Gathering, generating and bringing together ideas and best practice for the long and short term
  • Understanding the needs, expectations and views of members and Resolution committees
  • Producing and developing professional development opportunities and delivering training where appropriate, e.g. where the specialist expertise of committee members makes this possible.
  • Liaising with committees, providing support, feeding in ideas and understanding the training they are delivering
  • Analysing the current suite of Resolution training programmes and ensure they are working towards achieving the overall training and learning strategy

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