The challenges of blending online and face to face mediations

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Trainer: Suzy Power
Trainer: Angela Lake-Carroll

This workshop with Angela Lake-Carroll and Suzy Power, will look at the challenges facing both mediators and clients with regard to blended working.

16th October – 10am-12pm


Over the last few months mediators have been conducting mediations online.

There is now pressure from some clients to offer face-to-face mediation. Many clients have found it difficult mediating from home where there are children present and there have also been issues of concern where both clients are living under the same roof and where there is increased tension.

Some clients prefer mostly online mediation but may find it easier to have occasional meetings face-to-face. Other clients have expressed the wish for one of them to have an office meeting where there may be issues at home regarding privacy and the other, who may have access to a private space, attends the meeting online.

This workshop will look at the challenges facing both mediators and clients with regard to blended working, will provide an opportunity to debate and discuss your concerns and to consider case scenarios reflecting some of the issues that may arise.

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