Postponed – Deepening Without Drowning – Conflict Skills for Mediators and Collaborative Professionals

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Trainer: Jacinta Gallant

This one day course from Jacinta Gallant will focus on conflict skills for family professionals. It explores how asking about the parties' hopes and diving deeply into their perceived threats can bring fresh air to our family law work.

25th March 2020 – London

Have you ever been stumped, and discouraged, by the continuing and sometimes escalating couple conflict at the mediation or collaborative table – despite your very sincere efforts? Do you sometimes feel like your “case” is drowning and you are desperate for an oxygen tank?

In this workshop, we will learn how asking about the parties’ hopes and diving deeply into their perceived threats can bring fresh air to our family law work. Working with the “Insight Approach” to conflict, we will learn to notice and effectively respond to conflict behaviours. We will learn how and when to ask questions to unearth the threats that escalate and sustain conflict, without provoking it, and how to use what is learned to promote an authentic shift from conflict to collaboration, without forcing or faking it.

Participants will learn:

  • New ways of thinking about interpersonal conflict
  • New skills to notice and intervene in conflict (early and often)
  • How to help clients talk about what matters in ways that do not threaten.
  • How to ask about hopes in a productive and meaningful way
  • How to stop talking about what we think the conflict is about – and to stop talking about what we think matters to the parties – but instead to be curious and ask good questions so we can find out from the parties themselves
  • How to do all of this while facilitating a process leading to agreement!


I came away from Jacinta Gallant’s training energized, enthusiastic about having deepened my skill set, and deeply impressed with her authentic, warm, informed and engaging presence. I highly recommend this training.

– Participant – Deepening Without Drowning – Minneapolis, 2019

Definitely make the time to attend Jacinta’s workshops. She is a charismatic and insightful speaker. Learning from her experience is completely essential if you practice collaborative law.

– Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity – Perth, Scotland

Your presentation was really wonderful. It shed a higher level light to our current practice. So many times we attend a presentation and walk away thinking, “o.k., I’m doing most of that. I should or may be able to tweak this or that.” In this case, I and many of my peers were really moved by your presentation!

– Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity – Washington USA 2017

Jacinta’s teaching on interests was an inspiration. She is warm and hilarious and (then you find) incredibly experienced, principled and wise. There is joyous de-bunking of some of that slightly self-righteous or regimented practice that it is so easy for us to acquire like calcium deposits as we do this work and instead, during her trainings, we get a clean sense of the professional we wanted to be when we started out.

– Keeping Interests on the Table – London, UK 2016

This event has ended.

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