Domestic Abuse: Screening and Safeguarding

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This introductory online course will give you an overview of domestic abuse, how it manifests itself and how you can identify if your client may have been a victim.

Developed by Resolution’s Domestic Abuse Committee, this course provides practical information and guidance on how to screen for domestic abuse and provide safeguarding.

The essential skills you will learn:

  • How to assess what is happening emotionally in your client’s family and how to ensure that enough support is in place
  • How to conduct an interview with a client from an issue of financial disclosure through to disclosure about a safeguarding issue
  • How to communicate with your client about their experience of domestic abuse
  • How to discuss children matters where there is a safeguarding matter in a domestic abuse case

The knowledge you will learn:

  • The current situation of domestic abuse in the country
  • When to disclose to a social services about the welfare of a child
  • The steps required to safeguard a child or children in a domestic abuse case
  • The typical legal considerations to bear in mind when considering legal remedies for a domestic abuse case
  • DAS-2019 | Members Price £40.00


  • DAS-2019| Non-members Price £60.00