Initial Meetings – 8th March 2024 (Online)

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Trainer: Angela Lake-Carroll
Trainer: Mary Shaw

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8th March – Online

As practice is changing in response to the needs of potential clients, how we manage our initial meetings will be ever more important to get right. People are often unaware of the ways in which they can work with us and our colleagues to reach workable outcomes that are enduring and that best serve their individual and family needs.

This new module focusses on how to work with potential client/s from the very beginning to get a clear sense of what they need, how they would want to manage their situation and how to design services to their needs, including building an integrated service around them, assisting them to make affordable choices using the full range of available opportunities.

The initial meetings module will provide baseline knowledge and skill and critical awareness and understanding of:

  • the potential client, their needs and supporting and helping them to make good choices
  • the importance of professional listening and associated skills, assisting potential clients to consider their needs and hoped for outcomes/workable solutions
  • the critical importance of engaging well with potential clients
  • appropriate use of language, written communication/s
  • trauma aware practice, ‘first noticing’ and appropriate risk assessment/s
  • helping potential client parents to focus on the needs of their child/ren
  • appropriate use of essential skills, establishing clear communication and use of language
  • establishing and maintaining professional boundaries
  • providing information but not advice, the importance of providing accurate information, signposting and access to agencies of help, support and protection
  • integrative practice, forming good professional alliances
  • the importance of clarity in pricing, providing comparison, choice and certainty
  • the place of behavioural economics, concepts such as choice architecture, active v default choice and case management in relation to family clients
  • designing services with the client
  • establishing balance and even-handedness, reducing conflict and identifying areas of mutuality and benefit
  • helping clients to retain or build confidence
  • Self-care and management
  • equalities, diversity and inclusion and providing an appropriate response to all individuals
  • The appropriate use of resources including those provided by Resolution

To be achieved via:

  • distance learning/guided study and
  • inter-active learning and development, including presentation, discussion, use of mixed media and critical thinking/experiential learning content informed by practice.

Other new modules now available

  • Mental & Emotional Health – providing an understanding of some of the difficulties that can arise from separation and divorce, conflict and change and how these may impact on families, whilst managing your own wellbeing.
  • Communications Skills – this practical and interactive course will focus on developing excellence in communication skills including effective listening, reading non-verbal cues and strategies for dealing with difficult clients.
  • Children & Parental Separation – providing baseline knowledge, skill, critical awareness and understanding of the effects of parental and family separation/change.

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