Webinar: Avoiding the pension traps – what to look out for and how to get the best for your client

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Trainer: Mike Francis
Trainer: Suzanne Kingston
Trainer: Ben Glassman

This session will provide a summary of the Pensions Advisory Group (PAG) report – what to look out for and when to use a Pensions On Divorce Expert (PODE).

5th November 2020 (2pm)


The session will look at the pension issues at play and is geared to providing practical tips to help  lawyers talk about pensions with confidence.

It will explore the pitfalls and dangers in a divorce settlement and provide top tips for lawyers dealing with cases involving complex or substantial pensions.

Judge Edward Hess, in his 2020 judgement, stated that:

The Pension Advisory Group (PAG) report has the support of the Family Justice Council and the President of the Family Division and should, in my view, be treated as being prima facie persuasive in the areas it has analysed…..

The PAG report concluded that there is a widespread lack of confidence amongst legal practitioners on the issue of pensions on divorce, poor quality pension disclosure on files and that a substantial proportion of resolutions led to unfair outcomes.

The presenters will review the main points of the PAG report, what to look out for in cases, and discuss implications for lawyers working with pensions.

They will also discuss the value of a PODE, and when it is appropriate to consider using one.


  • Suzanne Kingston (Consultant, Mills & Reeve)
  • Mike Francis (Financial Planner – Partner, Tilney)
  • Ben Glassman (Partner, Head of Family, Tilney)


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