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Learning at home - Modern Families

We bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials that can be accessed to learn at home. In this this section you will find our resources relating to modern families.

Modern Families

Working with modern families

Natalie Gamble (NGA Law and Chair of the LGBT Family Law Institute ) and Andrew Spearman (Laytons LLP) covered the basics of the law on parenthood and gender identity for gay, lesbian and transgender and children.


Drafting cohabitation agreements

Hannah Saxe (Irwin Mitchell) and Richard Adams (Mayo Wynne Baxter) from Resolution's Cohabitation Committee discuss how to draft cohabitation agreements using Resolution's tools and resources.


Social media, technology and family law

Adrian Barnett-Thoung-Holland (Coram Chambers) discusses how we use technology every day in our lives, from smart devices to apps, and so do clients. What information is held on those devices, and in the cloud, that could be used to achieve a fair outcome in family proceedings?


Can the law keep up with changes in society?

In this presentation at Gresham College, Professor Jo Delahunty QC who was to present the keynote at Resolution's National Conference this year, discusses advances in medicine allow us to sustain life for longer, but at what cost and at whose choice? Why might the court intervene when a devout Jehovah Witness parent refuses a life-saving blood transfer to their child? Where does religious devotion end and unsafe thought begin? What about cultural and spiritual beliefs that clash with UK ‘norms’? Has the law has kept up with the changing society it regulates?

The Review - Issue 205

The latest issue of the Review (March/April) is available online now.

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Learning at home

This is part of the Learning at home series where we bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials.